Resilient Lil’ Mac


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Resilient Lil’ Mac

As a superb academic student and star football athlete, Lil’ Mac is very familiar with being in the spotlight. On the field and in the classroom, everyone always counts on Lil’ Mac to be prepared for the unexpected. When the day of the city championship football game finally arrives, Lil’ Mac faces the unimaginable. Will Mrs. Johnson and his classmates ever let him live this down? Join Lil’ Mac and find out how some quick thinking allows him to be resilient and bounce back despite a messy situation.

Benefits of Children’s Books

Children’s books increase interest in creative writing and emotional intelligence. Hence, Lil’ Mac is an adventurous young boy who is open to expressing his feelings to others. Above all, he learns valuable life lessons along with the importance of positive character development. As a result he adopts a growth mindset. He believes that all things are possible and can change to improve life. Certainly read about how Lil’ Mac evolves as he is faced with real issues in Resilient Lil’ Mac.

About the Author

Author, Clarence McFerren II is an inspiring educator who has worked and trained with various academic and artistic organizations. Consequently, he cultivated an optimistic leadership style to engage the multiple intelligences of young minds to fearlessly think independently. He’s known for his informative Tedx Talk titled Mental Liberation through Dance which focused on detracting the negative stigma of mental illnesses in society. Specializing in arts education, McFerren believes in interdisciplinary, inquiry, and project based learning which led him to author a collection of children’s books. Book titles: Respectful Lil’ Mac, Resilient Lil’ Mac, and Responsible Lil’ Mac all focus on positive character development.

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