Little Mac Intro

Lil’ Mac is an adventurous young boy who is open to expressing his feelings to others.

Throughout his experiences he learns valuable life lessons that teaches him about the importance of developing positive character traits. Read about how Lil’ Mac evolves as he is faced with real issues.

Respectful Lil’Mac

Lil’ Mac can hardly wait to visit his family in Fayette County, Tennessee, for the summer. Things move a little slower there and he always has a great time with his cousins.

This year, he faces quite a trial when his cousin Perry challenges him to a race, but he soon finds out he has much more to learn than how to run fast.

Join Lil’ Mac and find out how he discovers respect is an important character trait no matter who you’re with.

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About the Author

Clarence McFerren II, a native Memphian, is an inspiring educator known as a renaissance man with many talents.

He is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, where he competed on the blue raider track team and received a B.S. in mass communications with minors in dance, speech, and theater.